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As well as provide a range of exciting and challenging activities outside of the classroom, the RAF Air Cadets offers each cadet the opportunity to earn academic qualifications. Every cadet has the opportunity to gain an NVQ is Aviation Studies as part of the classification training we provide at every Squadron. The RAF Air Cadets is also the sole provider of the BTEC Certificate, Extended Certificate and Diploma in Aviation Studies.

As a cadet you will study many different subjects including learning how a jumbo jet stays in the air as part of the Principles of Flight syllabus to learning how to navigate using a map as part of the Basic Navigation training. The emphasis of the training delivered is to provide you with enough background information to make the activities you take part in more exciting and enjoyable.

You will find out more about the cadet classification syllabus on our Cadet Classifications page but below are an insight into the BTEC awards that are available to cadets and how the relate to GCSE’s:

  • BTEC Award in Aviation Studies – equivalent to 1 GCSE A-C grade

  • BTEC Certificate in Aviation Studies – equivalent to 2 GCSE’s A-C grades

If you want more information on the BTEC in Aviation Studies speak to your Squadron Training Officer who will be able to provide you with more detailed information on how to claim the qualification.

Lifelong learning

After you have been a cadet for a while and completed the Leading Cadet component of the academic syllabus you can sign up for the BTEC in Public Services or Music. These awards are administered by CVQO and are designed to compliment everything you do as a cadet. The qualifications ask you to reflect on some of the skills and qualifications you have gained as a cadet as well as encouraging you to spend some time taking part in activities away from your Squadron.

Below is an outline of what the BTECs in Public Services and Music are equivalent to:

  • BTEC First Diploma in Public Services – equivalent to 4 GCSE’s A-C grades.

  • BTEC First Diploma in Music – equivalent to 4 GCSE’s A-C grades.

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